pátek 28. března 2014

Jaké otázky očekávat od rodin?

Jen pro představu pár otázek, na které se mě rodiny ptaly.

  1. Why do you want to be an Au Pair ?
  2. Will us having a busy schedule bother you?
  3. What values did your parents teach you that were most important in life?
  4. Did you complete high school? Have you attended University at all?
  5. Are you a morning person?
  6. If the babies are crying, and my 2 year old goes running off and the doorbell rings.. how would you handle the situation?
  7. My 2 year old has tantrums sometimes where he cries for no reason, how would you handle that?
  8. Have you lived with people other than your immediate family before?
  9. If you have worked full time, what is the longest stretch of time that you've worked full time ?
  10. What was hard about your past jobs, and working full time ?
  11. How comfortable are you speaking English, do you feel you understood me and that we could communicate well?
  12. What are your expectations about being an Au Pair ?
  13. Do you know CPR?
  14. Do you feel comfortable handling an emergency (a broken bone due to a fall, choking, allergic reaction)?
  15. How do you envision your day here with our family?
  16. What are your expectations about living and working in the U.S. ?
  17. What are your goals that you would like to accomplish while you are here ?
  18. What classes are you interested in taking while you are here ?
  19. What would you like from a host family ?
  20. Will you be willing to cook once every week or two so we can try your food?
  21. What do you think will be the hardest part if your time here?
  22. What can we do as a family and as individuals to best support your time here?
  23. Will us not being able to hang out with you every night after work be a problem?

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